Want an easier and less expensive way to get to work? That is exactly why [COMPANY NAME] has been working with a broad coalition of interested stakeholders to urge the construction of a light rail and commuter rail station at Boeing Access Road (BAR). I am pleased to announce that these stations cleared an initial hurdle by being placed on Sound Transit’s draft priority list.

We know that folks want better access to public transportation and the ability to avoid difficult traffic congestion. We have that opportunity with the proposed Boeing Access Road stations, and we’re confident that this would be a significant amenity for existing employees and a draw for future ones.

However, there’s a lot of work to do and that’s where you come in.

Sound Transit recently began its public engagement effort which seeks input as to which projects on their list should move forward as part of a package to go before the voters in the fall of 2016. We need to ensure that the BAR stations stay on that project list, and to do so, Sound Transit needs to hear from us no later than July 8th.